Who we are?
We have been designing and crafting candles since early 2000. In 2012 we launched our first brand CandleHand. CandleHand was born out of love for truly crafted candles. We wanted to create a candle that looks like a real hand. A candle so similar to the real hand that only the colour distinguishes it from the real hand. After years of prototyping Justinas, the designer of CandleHand, was finally pleased. We are now pleased to see CandleHand and our gourmet food candles CandleCan being sold worldwide. We want to continue bringing the most intricate and unique design candles to the market.
All our candles are designed and hand made in Lithuania, EU.
Justinas Bruzas
Justinas Bruzas
(founder & designer)
Justinas founded CandleHand brand in 2012 after learning the craft of candle making from his dad. He never had an artistic training, but found candle making to be a fun and creative activity that was very different from number based computer sciences that I was studying at that time. Since CandleHand success in the market candle design, prototyping, testing and production management became Justinas’ full time activity. Who would have thought it?
Ruta Kisieliute
(sales & marketing)
Ruta is the person behind the sales and distribution of all our brands. If you are planning to partner with us, become a reseller or a distributor of our products you will probably get a chance to work with Ruta. She joined Justinas and his company in 2019 with the aim to turn a candle startup into a global design focused candle business. Since then Ruta and Justinas are continue to develop the brand and bring new brands to the market.
Ruta Kisieliute
We spend a lot of time prototyping and producing our own candle making technology and tools to be able to bring these unique designs to our customers.
We want every candle that we create to ‘WOW’ our customers in some way. It may be a funny shape, a super realistic design or clever packaging.
All our candles are handmade in Lithuania, EU. We train and work with people from our local community.


We have distributors and sales agents in the UK, Switzerland, Sweden, France, Italy, Iceland, Japan, New Zealand and the US.

For any wholesale information please get in touch with us at hello@candlehand.com